Our Brotherhood is composed of a diverse group of people spanning a wide range of interests, personalities, and backgrounds. From music majors and minors to people who like to listen to music but can’t play or sing a single note, our Brothers are what make us the dynamic group we are!

Executive Committee
Reece Neff – President
Caroline Heathcoat – Vice President
Gabriella Dangler – Secretary
Bennett Meyer – Member at Large
Luis Villasenor – Treasurer

Fall 2019 Pledgemasters
Luis Villasenor
Kate Wenger

Active, Special Active(SA), Alumni Active(AA), & Affiliate Brothers
Buddy Cross
Jared Everson
Samer Issa
Luis Villasenor
Glenn Wagstaff

Honorary Brothers

Donald B. Adcock
Edgar Alden
A. O. Alford
Dr. Peter Askim
Stewart R. Baker
Robert A. Barnes
I. L. Battin
William L. Benton
Milton C. Bliss
Ruth Boal
Henry Bowers
Dr. John T. Caldwell
C. R. Cantrell
Patricia Caple
E. L. Cloyd
Susan Mazzochi Colby
Dr. Harry Cooper
Sue Cross
Tony Danby
Robert Davezac
James A. Dughi
Claire Eaton
James W. Farmer
Ron Foreman
Alvin M. Fountain
Jaimes Fountaine
Dr. Randolph Foy
Herbert W. Fred
Dr. John Fuller
Dr. Ed Funkhouser
Dr. Paul Garcia
Wallace Grieves
Dr. Frank Hammond
Soloana Ingram
A. D. Jones
David Jones
Frank Justice
Betty Knott
Dr. Tom Koch
Johnathon Kramer
John R. Lambert
Gary Langhorst
Kathleen Laudate
Dr. Nathan Leaf
Nels Leonard
Marilyn Lynch
Xiao Lu Li
Col. Bruce T. Magruder
Lee McDonald
Robert Davezac
Randall Meder
Phillip Michael
Alex Miller
John Fletcher Miller
Eduardo Ostergren
Dr. Wes Parker
Don Patty
Dr. Robert Petters
Willis S. Quant
Randall Rehfuss
Dr. Stephen Reynolds
Rev. C. E. B. Robinson
Dr. J. Mark Scearce
Dr. John Sprague
Laurie Stanton
Dr. Alfred Sturgis
William S. Sumner
Dr. Ronald J. Toering
Shana Tucker
Dr. Phyllis Vogel
Bryan Wade II
Eleania Ward
J. Perry Watson
Rich Holly
Kathryn Brown