What is Pledging?

The pledging process is a process that prepares an individual for Brotherhood.  During the eight week pledging process, pledges go through a highly interactive, constructive, and fun process that helps individuals get acquainted with our organization and its inner workings. Pledges learn about music, school history, Alpha Chapter, and Mu Beta Psi as a whole. They work together with their pledge class and the brotherhood to achieve goals, construct paddles, and build strong interpersonal relations in order to work well in our organization and in life beyond our fraternity. Pledges are also encouraged to take part in the Brothers’ social and musical activities. But most of all, the pledges are instructed how to be responsible Brothers dedicated to serving music on NC State’s campus.

Spring 2018 Pledgemasters

Our pledgemasters for the Spring 2019 season are Buddy Cross and Jared Everson. If you are interested in pledging and/or you have any questions about the pledging process, feel free to email them at jacross@ncsu.edu or jseverso@ncsu.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pledge Mu Beta Psi?

Everyone has different reasons. Maybe you’d love the opportunity to do some service. Maybe you enjoy hanging out with other musicians, or just hanging out in general. More often than not, the more time you spend with the Fraternity, the more reasons you’ll have to want to be part of it.

I’m not really the Fraternity type…

Yeah, we know this isn’t a question, but we hear it so often it might as well be. In fact, there isn’t an Active Brother in our Chapter who hasn’t uttered those words at least once. Trust us, this is a Fraternity full of people who thought they would never join a Fraternity. Why? Spend some time with us and you’ll see that we aren’t your “typical” Fraternity. We still hold Brotherhood very dear to our hearts, but we’re not exactly living our lives like Animal House; we’re too busy making music.

Do you have to be in a music ensemble?

No. We know all too well that musicians can be found everywhere on campus and not just in Price Music Center. We have music minors and non-minors, instrumentalists and singers, and people who can’t sing or play a single note, but so far we’ve found this variety really makes things more interesting.

What is Mu Beta Psi’s Hazing policy?

ABSOLUTELY NO HAZING occurs in Mu Beta Psi. Strict policies have been set at our national level, as well as at NC State University, to prevent any sort of hazing. You will not ever be forced to do anything that goes against your personal honor, makes you uncomfortable, or could hurt you in any way.

What does Pledging involve?

Pledging is basically a semester of getting to know the Fraternity and its Brothers while they get to know you. The Pledging season usually lasts eight weeks. During this time, Pledges are expected to attend a weekly Pledge meeting (which is scheduled with the Pledges’ schedules in mind), and then spend some time each week hanging out with their two Big Brothers, who are assigned at the beginning of Pledging. All of this is led by the Pledgemasters, who carefully guide the Pledges through the Pledge season. The time commitment can be challenging, but like most things, the more you put into Pledging, the more you will get out of it. This is a great time to make a lot of new friends!

What is Rush?

Rush is a period of social events meant to welcome anyone who might be interested in joining Mu Beta Psi to get to know us better. At this point, there is absolutely no pressure to Pledge – it’s just meant to be FUN! If after attending some of the events you feel like Pledging, be sure to fill out an interest form or tell a Brother so we can make sure to get you started in the Pledging process.

How do I begin Pledging?

You start by contacting the Pledgemasters or any Brother in the Fraternity and saying you’re interested, or by coming to any Rush event. From there, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Pledging process.

How much does Mu Beta Psi cost?

Not much. Although exact numbers depend on different things like National dues, Active status, and Pledging, it bears pointing out that we do not have a Fraternity house to pay for, and we are all pretty much poor college students. Your initiation fee, which must be paid upon the end of Pledging, includes national initiation fees and supplies you will need during Pledging.